Johnford SL 500A 2S+C+Y CNC Lathe (2018)

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Johnford SL 500A 2S+C+Y CNC Lathe (2018)

Unit was purchased for a project and has less than 500 hours & live tooling included.

Model: SL 500A 2S+C+Y
Swing over Bed: 580mm
Swing over Cross Slide: 370mm
Chuck Size: 12″
Bar Capacity: 102 mm
Spindle Nose: A2-11
Spindle Bore: 115 mm
Spindle Speed Step(s): One Speed
Spindle Speed Range: 2800 Rpm
Spindle Motor: 28 / 42 Kw
Spindle Bearing Diameter: 160 mm
No. of Tools: 12
Cross Travel (Y-Axis) +/-50mm (Turret)
Cross Travel (X-Axis) +/-225mm (Turret)
Longitudinal Travel (Z-Axis) 470 mm (Turret)
Rapid Transverse X: 15m/min, Y:10m/min, Z: 18m/min (Turret)
Sub-Spindle Chuck Size: 8″
Sub-Spindle Bar Size: 51mm
Sub-Spindle Nose: A2-6
Sub-Spindle Bore: 66mm
Sub-Spindle Speed Step(s): One Speed
Sub-Spindle Motor: 12 /18.5 Kw
Sub-Spindle Bearing Diameter: 100mm
Servo Motor (X-Axis): 7.4 Kw (for Y-Axis)
Servo Motor (Y-Axis): 3.6 Kw
Servo Motor (Z/W-Axis): 7.4 Kw

12-Station Live Tooling “C” Axis Spindle BMT-65
Y-Axis Function +/- 2″ Travel
Sub Spindle 2″ Bar. 4500 Rpm, 15 HP, 8″ Chuck
Parts Catcher, Parts Conveyor, Manual Swing Down Tool Setter, Barfeed Interface, Chuck Air Blast, 1 Axial Live Tool Heads (BMT-65), 1 Radal Live Tool Heads (BMT-65), Royal Collet Setup (Main & Sub-Spindle & Quick Change Tool, Tracer 65 80 12′ Barfeeder

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